Friday, 22 April 2011

Keep walking

This was my first time to meet u.Dina. You look like so sad and said u broke up with ur boyfriend who kept 3-year relationship.You walked around this famous street.You just be alone.That day was ur first day be here.

Dina texted me later.We went to cafe shop and chat.You smiled look like a child.Forgot all agonising things. Enjoy cigarette and music.Everything will be better when you wake up in the moring.But you just can not sleep.

We saw bobdylan's concert next day.You met ur friends.But that can not make u out of depressions.The only thing you can do is clap your hands with the exctied people.We can not image something will happen in our life.The only thing you can do is work it out. Do u remember the lighting man in Little prince?Lighting are the little prince met the fifth person, but also a more complex image. Lighting is another act who at first seemed absurd adult; but his spirit of selfless dedication to praise the little prince. Lighting were before the little prince to Earth, the only one by his friends think it's an adult.

Singapore always rainy.Dina you look like a killer.We take sunglass and umbrella all the time because we never know when is sunny or rainy.You were looking for a men's perfunme of hermes.That perfume has special smell and memory for you. But it was too old to be find.By the way we bought new nail colour to colour our life.

      I wish u can enjoy ur life and forever young.All good things must come to an en.This adage is which i told you after the concert.
Dina, appreciate the view beside you.Keep walking but never and ever broken heart again.

                                                                       Una here.

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